One-Line Bio

social entrepreneur, user interface designer, photographer


It's 2010 and I'm onto my third start-up. GatherGreen. combines a lot of what I have done in social media with purpose and there's a business model.

In 2006 I established a mobile start-up with a social network address book product called Fidgt.

In 2004 I established a next-generation design and technology, consulting firm known as Protohaus. Protohaus is focused on rich-media interfaces for CE devices from TVs to mobile phones. You can see work at protohaus

From 1992-2003 I was at Sony my last position there was as creative producer charged with linking new hardware/software research in Tokyo with digital content/services in the US. Part of this was exploring new kinds of entertainment experiences and the human interfaces needed to support them. I started my career designing Walkmans and now I design experiences and soon people.


photography, wushu, design methods, mobile user interfaces